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Special edition

We're sending a special edition of the MLB newsletter to let you know about a terrific opportunity to attend a national symposium on forensics and pop culture being held in Pittsburgh on April 3 through 15.

Secondly, to let you know that there will be no email newsletter this coming Friday due to our trip to California to visit our beautiful grandchildren and their parents.

We'll catch up with on Friday, March 28.

Calling All Forensic Fanatics and Legal Eagles!

Have you ever wondered just how much of what you read in mystery novels and true crime books is real? From crime scene details to courtroom theatrics, do you find yourself asking whether the author did his or her homework? And assuming they did, do you ever wonder how they did it?

Come to the 8th Annual Conference of The Cyril H. Wecht Institute of Forensic Science and Law and discover the answers to these questions and many more. WHERE FACT MEETS FICTION: A National Symposium on the Intersection of Forensic Science and Pop Culture will be held at Duquesne University from the evening of Thursday, April 3 through Saturday, April 5.

Among the scheduled speakers are bestselling crime novelists Robert K. Tanenbaum, Jan Burke and Jon Jefferson (half of the “Jefferson Bass” writing duo). Primarily non-fiction writers D.P. Lyle, author of Forensic for Dummies and founder of the Writer’s Medical and Forensics Lab; and Katherine Ramsland, author of Beating the Devil’s Game: A History of Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation, will also be appearing.

From the TV and film side of pop culture, conference faculty include CSI writers and actors David Berman and John Wellner, Criminal Minds writer Andrew Wilder, Diagnosis Murder and Monk writer Lee Goldberg, Forensic Files producer Kelly Ann Martin, 48 Hours Mysteries producer Gail Zimmerman, and Law and Order: SVU consultant Donna Gaffney.

These speakers will be joining such real-life forensic experts and investigators as forensic pathologists Cyril Wecht and Michael Baden, criminalist Henry Lee, FBI criminal profiler Jim Clemente, forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner, and many more.

For more information or to register, visit www.duq.edu/factmeetsfiction.

MLB News for April-May available for download

the MLB News for April-May, including full details on the Festival of Mystery and Little Night of Romance is going in the mail as we speak. The PDF version is available for download now.

Sen. Arlen Specter, March 27

We're very excited to announce a special appearance by Sen. Arlen Specter on Thursday, March 27 from 2 to 3 pm at MLB.

Sen. Specter will be signing copies of his memoir Never Give In: Battling Cancer in the Senate. Please give us a call at 412-828-4877 or use our Contact Form to let us know if you can join us.

If you can't make it to the signing, we'll be happy to get you a signed copy, personalized if you wish. Simply call or order Never Give In on the website. You can use the Special Instructions on checkout to give us any signing requests.

Upcoming Events

Mar. 27 - Arlen Specter
Mar. 29 - Joanne Fluke
April 17 - A Little Night of Romance (Mystery & Suspense, too)
April 28 - 13th Annual Festival of Mystery

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