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Dear %%First Name%%,

Your are the greatest

Yes, I mean you. You who responded to our plea last week and sent us an order or visited us in the store to make a purchase.

As a result of this outpouring of support we not only made up the January shortfall but put ourselves a little bit ahead for February.

For those of you who haven't placed an order recently, this good news is no reason for you to relax. We still need your business. Please take a moment to browse through the website. Take a look at New Arrivals, Staff Picks and Award Winners and see if you can't find a couple of books to order for yourself or to send to a friend.

We appreciate it.

Weekly Special--precocious sleuth solves crime

Our Weekly Special is the third volume in an award-winning and thoroughly entertaining series with a precocious sleuth in 1950's England. Place your order for the Weekly Special now and get this terrific book at a 20% savings with free shipping, too.

Weekly Special for Kids--a book that no grandparent should be without

Our Weekly Special for Kids isn't really for kids--at least not directly. This is a book that no grandparent should be without. Perfect for visiting kids of ages up to perhaps 9, it would also work quite well on a vacation. In fact, we're going to take it with us this summer when we go to the shore. You can pick up this wonderful volume at a 20% savings with free shipping, but only if you order this week.

February Staff Picks

With the weather so bad across so much of the country what could be a better antidote than books to read while you hole up waiting for spring.

Our February Staff Picks will give you a few ideas that range from traditional mystery, foreign settings and even a speculative novel.

On the left side of the page you'll see an archive of picks from previous months--a good place to find some new authors.

William Tapply's real last book

We had previously announced Bill Tapply's Outwitting Trolls as the last book by the wonderful author. Well, happily, we were wrong. The Nomination is a political thriller just out that is truly our friends last book.

MLB Best Sellers of 2010

We've compiled the list of MLB Best Sellers for 2010 and we're ready to share the results.

Our hardcover list is topped by two Pittsburgh authors: Nancy Martin for Our Lady of Immaculate Deception (now in paperback as Foxy Roxy) and Kathleen George for her Edgar-nominated The Odds. Michael Ayoob and Dennis Palumbo, both with books set in Pittsburgh also made the list.

Unsurprisingly, all three of Stieg Larsson's novels made it onto the list but Brigid of Kildare by Heather Terrell was the number one trade paperback. The last of Kathy Haines's Rosie Winter novels, When Winter Returns, was number 4. Although that series is finished, Kathy will be back in July with a young adult mystery with a wartime setting.

We had so many paperback best sellers that in addition to the top 10 we added another section of paperbacks that had significatn sales.

We hope you enjoy our MLB Best Sellers of 2010 and use it to find many new authors to try.

New Arrivals

Several New Arrivals as we continue to get some March books.

Plenty of choices from the likes of Sue Anne Jaffarian, Kate Mosse, Kimberly Frost, Alan Bradley and others.

New Arrivals--from Britain

Some notable New British Arrivals include two books from Jo Nesbo featuring Oslo police inspector Harry Hole. Snowman is here in paperback while the following book, Leopard, has just been published in hardcover.

In addition, Jim Kelly's new series with cops Peter Shaw and Roger Valentine gets a new addition with Death Toll.

Linda Fairstein on March 9--now at the store

We're pleased to welcome Linda Fairstein to MLB on Wednesday, March 9 at 7 pm. Linda will be here with the latest of her Alexandra Cooper novels, Silent Mercy.

Due to scheduling issues Linda's event will now be held at the store and there is no charge. If you have already paid for the event we'll deduct that from your purchases that evening.

We will have all of Linda's books available for sale at the event. Please do not bring copies of Silent Mercy purchased elsewhere to our event.

Jeffery Siger publication party, March 18

Pittsburgh author Jeffery Siger will return to his hometown to celebrate publication of his third novel, Prey on Patmos, on Friday, March 18 at 7 pm.

Like the earlier novels, Prey on Patmos, is set in Greece and features Inspector Andreas Kaldis who travels to the island of the title to investigate the murder of a monk.

Please join us for some delicious munchies as well as a chance to meet Jeffery and pick up a signed copy of the book.

Signed first editions

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